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About us

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic ― Arthur CC

About us

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The idea of Padless ring mouse or Palrimo came out about 2 years ago and from then on we are working hard to bring it to reality



The idea was to improve every weakness of the mouse and touchpads one by one





To address other problems we could say there are not really handy and portable, therefore we designed a wearable finger ring which was a mouse in the shape of ring then we realise that the laser technology in mouse are not really functional then the technology is changed to give computer users this opportunity to work regardless of surface.

During the first year, we mostly worked on the idea itself by considering mouse and touchpad problems, and this year we create our first glorious Ringpod prototype and now we are working on manufacturing and mass production.







The team behind the Palrimo



Sajad Shams CEO and                                                                                                          found                                                                                                         er in PalrimoSamad Noroallahi



Sajad Shams





Salar Azizi

Designer and content maker




Samad Noroallahi
programmer and
web developer







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About us