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Frequent ask and questions Palrimo ringpod

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Frequently asked questions




What is the Ringpod?

Ringpod is the next generation of mouse and touchpads which is designed as a stylish ring but works just like a normal mouse and it can work on any surface.

Where does the ring work on?

The ring could work on almost every surface independently of the surface material, reflection rate, and smoothness.

How to turn on the ring?

There is a small switch key under the ring that could be toggled for a long time on and off, but usually, there is no need for that, a touch
sensor under the ring is implemented which can detect your finger and put the ring in sleep  mode to save battery level.

How do the left-click and right-click work?

There is two touch sensor on 2 sides of the ring which works as a left-click and right-click by a simple touch.

How does the scroll work?

If you touch right-click sensor for a short period(minor touch) it works as a right-click but if you hold it, along with the internal Gyro it works
as a scroll and by simply moving your finger up and down you can scroll the page.

*You can find more details by watching how it works video on the homepage

How long does it work with a single charge?

You need to charge the ring at least every 2 days based on using time.