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Palrimo A mouse in the shape of finger ring

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic ― Arthur CC

Palrimo Ringpod is an innovative way to communicate with computer, a mouse in the shape of ring

That's really fascinating how technology is improving day by day however mouse technology is old fashioned and has not changed from the beginning and have a lot of weaknesses Imagine you can convert any surface to a touchpad area only by wearing an stylish ring with a unisex design f or both men and women Imagine you are sitting on the sofa or bed and need to use your laptop that's easy with Palrimo ringpod because it is surface independent and it could w or k on any surface like (glass, fiber, wood desk, shiny surface, sofa and etc.) If you think it's a great idea supp or t us by pre or dering the ring, it will be available very soon but to get notified and use early purchase promo just register your email to our emailing list by pushing the pre or der button, there is no commitment you can unsubscribe anytime